Friday, 4 April 2014

What is it with feet?

Feet are strange things

Not strange in a bad way. How could they be negative? Well, I suppose they could be if the person the foot belongs to decide they're not going to wash them for six months and walk around in flip-flops and then I would imagine the amount of muck and dirt would get a little bit overwhelming and that's not even talking about the smell.

I mean normal feet. Clean feet. Nice feet

Feet that you would be happy to take home and meet your mother who is having a nice cup of tea and cucumber sandwiches with the vicar.

After all, your feet make it handy if you to walk to actually see your mother even if you're using your car you're likely to have to leave the car door and walked down the pathway. Just think how much more difficult that would be if he didn't have feet you might not even be able to use a pogo stick. A space hopper? Possible.

But not likely.

Anyway, as I say, I like feet.

There was some design flaws of course. Why were they made so ticklish? And why is it so easy to stub your toes against something hard and painful? Perhaps when humans two came out some of these problems will be sorted out.

Until then, we will have to put up with these little problems.

Of course, the big problem with feet is…

Why are some people (women) so insecure in their fleet? Why do they have to get so many different pairs of shoes? Aren't their feet nice enough to go without shoes? Or Even Perish the Thought, not have 57,000 pairs of shoes in their cupboard? It's a bit like the revenge of the Imelda Marcos clan getting back to us.

Thinking about it, I'm a little bit squeamish when it comes to fleet. You look at a gorgeous lady who is beautiful in every way and then you look down at toes.

Corns and calluses and a little toe that is almost disappeared and the big toe hiding under the rest and that thing right on the back just above the heel. What is that all about?

Perhaps I would feel more at ease if everyone just wore trainers all the time especially if they've got nice, thick socks as well then I would have to see their toes.

That's a thought for another time. Enjoy the toes and have a tickle for me.


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