Sunday, 6 April 2014

Why Do People Think It Strange When I Talk About Feet?

I was in the pub last night with a couple of friends. You know, just having a drink or two and chatting away and I mentioned I started up this blog. They asked me what the blog was about and I said "I'm glad you asked that" and started on about feet.

After about 10 minutes of me going on about it I was noticing that they've given me very strange looks which, I must admit, I can quite understand. Especially my bit about feet and the Bible which, I must admit, I don't quite understand myself.

Anyway, Andy was the first person to ask me this question even though I would imagine that everyone had that question in their mind at that time of night. And that question was "do you have a foot fetish?"

Nope. No. Certainly not.

My first post here mentioned that I don't find feet attractive and they don't really hold any interest to me except for the fact that they are very handy for helping me walk down the road.

I'm just interested. Being inquisitive is a good thing, in my mind. And, even if the subject of your inquisitiveness is a little strange, it's certainly not a stranger's a lot of things that shown on TV every night's under the title of entertainment.

And my research on the topic has brought up some other information which I found of interest.

Toe ring on Indian footDid you know that in certain parts of India having a toe ring is a sign of engagement or marriage? Where I am in the West, it's on the left ring finger but not over there.

This brings up other questions for example:

What happens when it's cold and you have socks and shoes on and you want to let other people know that you're married and not available to be picked up? Because I may be old-fashioned, but I thought that was the whole point of the engagement ring: to show that you are dedicated yourself to someone else and for others to keep away. This, of course, is for men as well after all, when you put wedding ring on its a sign that you've got a wife and are otherwise unavailable.

Well, that's my theory anyway.

I shall be doing a little bit more research wondering what happened when they're wearing their socks but perhaps they just didn't wear socks at all and wore flip-flops all the time. Who knows but inquisitive minds…

All the best, and its Sunday here so I hope you had a great weekend and speak soon.

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